Carton solutions

In Cadepa we make cardboard packaging. Cadepa combines materials as foam and carton, creating carton laminated with foam to give more safety in your packaging. Creating, transforming and manipulating packaging products derived from cardboard.

Our experience in making interiors and separators allow us to make carton pane cell to separate pieces, also cardboard separators for pallets. Our engineering department design carton interiors adapting to the inside measure of the packaging.

Furthermore, our engineering department develop combine packaging with other products, as foams or rigid polyethylene, improving the qualities of the cardboard packaging.

It is worth highlighting our honeycomb packaging, a proposal for ecological and biodegradable packaging.

Another interesting material is Korrvu® packaging, a retention packaging. Korrvu® are carton boxes of different sizes that have inside retainers for the correct attachment of the piece. Those retainers can be made in ESD materials.

We have a broad range of measurements of Korrvu® packaging and the possibility of making custom measurement in Korrvu® packaging.

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      Resistant and manageable, with adaptable interiors ideal for one use only. Because of its resistance we can stack them.


      Different combined measure with interiors manufacture in Cadepa, can be foam or cardboard, depending on the use.


      Cardboard containers are held to the base, so it makes them extremely resistant to swinging. These containers are compact too. It makes it easy to stack and its manipulation in the warehouse.


      Containers are manufactured with creases to be folded easily. When folding the containers, it gives us the possibility to occupy less space in the warehouse.


      These foldable containers can be folded to the minimal expression. As a result, we optimized space, and also avoid cost overrun.


      We design packaging to protect your equipment, it could be in different cardboard grammage or assortment as the honeycomb.


      We design packaging to protect your equipment, it could be in different cardboard grammage or assortment as the honeycomb.


      Carton blockers are very easy to adapt to any product, when we are designing if there is a need for strengthen, we introduce foam.


      With the mixed blocking system, we get an economic packaging, very safe and practical for its storage.

    • SAFE

      Once it is inside the box, we can put pressure on the packed pieced, the foam is the one that function as a shock absorber.

    • KORRVU®

      With Korrvu® system we improve the packaging image considerably, makes it easy to see the product inside.

    • KORRVU®

      When packaging with KORRVU® system we improve the times in the picking lines for its easiness in assembly and manipulation.

    • KORRVU®

      KORRVU® product is delivered plane and unassembled, avoiding unnecessary volumes.


      We work with laminated cardboard. We can laminate from textiles, foamed and other materials that help us to improve the quality.


      Now a days ecologic packaging is necessary. Carton as it is a material totally recyclable. In Cadepa we use recycle cardboard to manufacture molds and other blocking products. We also make cardboard locators.