What is Nitrabox?

Nitrabox expertise is in two big products for logistic and productive solutions, polypropylene reusable containers and boxes. Nitrabox covers design and manufacture of containers, reusable boxes and high grammage boxes.

Al lot our solutions are technics. Nitrabox works with high grammage polypropylene, giving a longer useful life and stackability to the product. We also have at your disposal a wide range of reusable containers and boxes made with injected plastic.

We do not only put at our client’s disposal the manufacture of custom containers and boxes, we also, thanks to our engineering department, make the design and manufacture of interiors to locate the necessaries pieces for supply or sell. Those pieces are located with the optimum security to arrive to destination correctly. These interiors can be manufacture with textile, foam or rigid materials.

We stake to new productive necessities, Nitrabox puts at your disposal ESD containers and antistatic containers, with its appropriate interiors. Protection towards discharges of static energy is a safe value to protect electronic pieces and products of possible deterioration during transport.

Plastic containers with adapted interiors are a reusable product for its high resistance and hardness, coming to be a container with a long useful life.

The container cover gives us the possibility to remount and stack with safety. Interiors can be laminated or treated to get antistatic, antioxidant or anticorrosive properties. We do not just protect from the impact and manipulation, but also of environment.

Nitrabox reusable boxes are durable and resistant. It can be design and manufacture with locators adapted to its interior: of textile, foam or polypropylene.

Being reusable, they improve overall packaging costs and are environmentally friendly. We offer our line of ESD materials and antiestatic materials for the manufacture of reusable ESD boxes and antistatic boxes with their interiors with the same anti-load characteristics.

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Nitrabox reusable containers and boxes:

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      Foam separators, also known as foam pane cells, allows to locate correctly the piece. Foam can be no-abrasive, antistatic and rigid.


      Foam or polypropylene combs gives stability in the possible movements inside the box.


      Plastic containers are compact and resistant. They are prepared to transport products of considerable weight. It can be manufactured with different measurements and folding.


      Polypropylene containers are easy and fast folding. Thanks to its systems of splits speeds up the process of manipulation. To the operator it’s easy to fold.


      It optimizes the space once folded. Easy to load and stack. With this system we can save costs in logistics when returning empty packaging.