Technical Foams

Made to measure foams are really important for the correct protection of our costumer products.

Packaging foam offers an optimum safety of the product. It is important to manufacture foam to have the exact measurements so the product stays perfectly secured between the foams and the box. Cadepa manufactures custom foams, thanks to our production plant and our expert team, we transform foam for packaging.

The transformed foam for packaging made in Cadepa has multiple characteristics depending on our costumer sector and necessities. Furthermore, we have our own engineering department to make custom packaging designs.

We also have a park of machinery with die cutters and plotters to make our costumers custom foams.

Cadepa has machinery and qualified workers to make foam packaging in series with die cut foam. Or we can manufacture pre-series of foam packaging with a numeric cut, for foam sets with a lower consumption.

One of the best properties of the technic foams is its adaptation. It is a flexible and shock absorbent material. Also, its flexibility is a characteristic that let us protect every delicate part of any piece to pack.

Foam is a versatile material for its non-rigid properties, for what it offers the possibility to make and give an undefined shapes and thickness. It is an optimum material to manufacture foam locators, cases for suitcases or product exhibitors.

We have ESD and antiestatic foam materials to protect equipment and products from antistatic charges and possible damage from falls or hits.

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      Die cut foams are capable to adapt to any kind of packaging. Also, die cutting allows economic and customized production series. We design starting with the piece to protect.


      The compatibility of foams to be combined with other products makes them to have a better resistance and rigidity, characteristic that lacks in foam. For this reason, it is normal to design products where foam adhere to a rigid and stable surface.


      ESD and antistatic foam are key pieces for new technologies. It’s capacity to avoid static discharges is essential. They also protect from falls as actual foams.


      Foam separators for rapid placement and removal of the piece, it is a quick system for use in assembly lines where the productivity is crucial, for its quick removal the operator has it easy for its use in the assembly line work.


      We have foam sheets with different densities. We have a wide variety of foam depending on texture and density. We also have laminated foams, antistatic, antioxidant and other additives that improve foam qualities depending on what our client needs.


      Foam case and interiors for suitcases with a diversity of forms and possibilities. It is the best way to show the product. Also, protects for impacts and vibrations during transports.


      Foam corners for side protection. This system has more versatility for its shape. Also, they are totally flexible and manageable. Wavy foam also has high shock absorbent properties. Actually, it is one of the most used products inside boxes.


      Foam profile are manufacture with a wide spectrum of forms and measures. It adapts to our client needs; it can be sent in boxes so it is easy to be stored or in line supply. Foam profiles can have different densities and thickness. They can be cut or pre-cut for its easy application.