Stuffing solutions

Inside the range of products that Cadepa offers, we can find with stuffing equipment and protection equipment.

These equipment or small machineries of supply in line make it easy and fast the task of packaging, because they are very practical solutions to block the products inside the box.

We have different solutions as stuffing air machine, stuffing paper machine and foam Instapak machine.

If we look in these solutions, we can find a dispenser equipment of paper or air stuffing, and lastly the Instapak foam system.

Instapak foam is a polyvalent equipment and product. With the Instapak foam different equipment can be protect without the necessity of diverse foam packaging. Instapak foam adapt directly between the product to protect and the packaging space.

We have a range in stuffing paper machines, stuffing air machines and Instapak foam machines.

Stuffing paper machine is optimum for filling the space between the product and packaging, also it can be used to protect the product, but its viability must be studied. Stuffing air machine has as a choice two variables, protect the product inside the box or fill in the empty space. Instapak foam machine offers the possibility of placing in the empty space between the product and the box, a custom foam for maximum protection.

It is important to decide which will be the function of the stuffing equipment, to fill the free space or to protect.

Contact with us to know which of the solutions that we purpose is the most adequate for your packaging.

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