Paper filling machines

All of our filling paper machines contributes provide with a filling paper system supplied in coil. Filling paper machines are deck or standing equipment.

Filling paper machines are easy to use and a clean system thanks to the treated paper, mainly to avoid dust and breakage of it. The paper can be in different grammage and densities

Paper can be customized or referenced with the item code that protect. It is supplied in light weigh coils that ease its mobility.

Paper filling machines are ideal to fill in the empty spaces between the product and the packaging.

Our filling paper machine can adapt the paper depending on the function of it, for instance, for heavy products, the paper can hold double layer for its greater resistance.

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      For its characteristics, it can be useful in different sectors, between them and as the most important logistic or picking, for its versatility we can include one or more equips at the end of each manipulating line.


      Adaptable filling paper gives enough volume, because of that, the blocking of the piece during transport if optimum. The paper can be manually manipulated. Without risk or difficulty for the operative. Paper is totally recyclable, for that is ecologic.


      Easy handling system with a high performance. Prepared to produce and supply at the end of the line. It blocks and fasten the products inside the box. Special for metallic spare parts or heavy and resistant materials. These equipments are easy to move and transport.