A practical and comfortable solution, with the possibility to adapt them to the exact and necessary measurement as well as the precise forms, made of different materials and composed of various additives, being anti-static additives or antioxidant, without limits of measurement, in both length and width, made of polyethylene plastic, foamed or bubble plastic, fabrics and with a wide range of materials to choose from.

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    The wide range of materials, makes the technical bags one of the most appropriate and valid products to protect any material from heavy to delicate and light.


    Foam bags are designed to protect from scratches and small impacts, on painted or chromed surfaces.


    The textile materials make these bags much more resistant and consistent being capable of being reused on several occasions and long use cycles.


    The bags are totally adapted to the different shapes and lengths of the articles to be protected, being one of the systems where we can take more advantage of the packing capacity.


    We also allow bulk packaging by stacking the items one on top of the other or in a corresponding way improving the capacity of boxes and containers.


    The rigidity of some foam separators allows us to use correlative packaging using the separators as formats in a vertical position, thus making better use of spaces.


    During the journey of the pieces the foam separators will protect the product to be packaged because with their foam condition they cushion the impacts and the vibrations.


      Foams can be made of different densities depending on the weight of the piece to be protected, also the thickness of the foam will help us to improve the protective function.


      The self-adhesive closure facilitates the closure of the bag as well as allows us to prevent the material to be protected be manipulated or outraged, with tamper-proof or safety closures.