At CADEPA we carry out the transformation and handling of packaging products derived from cardboard, these products such as boxes, containers, formats and self-assembly systems, our engineering department will develop combinable packaging with other products such as foams and other rigid polyethylenes, improving  the quality of carton packaging.

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    Resistant and manageable, with adaptable interiors ideal for a single use, its resistance allows us to stack them.


    Different sizes can be combined with CADEPA interiors, which can be foam or cardboard depending on the use.


    As it is attached to the base, it makes them extremely resistant to swaying and very compact, making it easy to stack and manipulate in the warehouse.


    Made with indentations to be easily folded, being folded gives us the possibility of occupying less space.


    These containers are totally reduced to the minimum expression, optimizing the space with this system, we avoid transport costs.


    The window system facilitates the operator to extract and introduce the parts to be packed and transported, being ergonomic and very practical.


    The cardboard blockers are very easy to adapt to any product, if in the design it is necessary to reinforce them, we introduce the foam.


    With the mixed locking system, we obtain a very safe and practical economic packaging for its storage.


    Once inserted in the box, we put pressure on the piece to be packed, being the foam which does the shock absorption.


    With the KORVU system, we considerably improve the image of the packaging, making the vision easy of the product inside.

  • FAST

    When packing with the KORVU system we improve the times in piking lines, for its ease of assembly and manipulation.


    The Korvu product is delivered completely flat and disassembled, avoiding unnecessary volumes.


    At CADEPA we work the sheets in the carton, being able to laminate from fabrics to foams and other materials that help us improve the quality.


    Cardboard as such is a totally recyclable material, in Cadepa we use recycled cardboard to manufacture molds and other blocking articles.