The air bag system, of light weight and very light to transport or move, great capacity to manufacture volume depending on coils of small dimensions, these coil when the air is injected we get a perfect cushion and clean system of locking inside the boxes, avoiding the movement of the pieces inside.

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    Compact system to produce air cushions with a high productive capacity, special for large piking lines or in large areas of manipulations, with this system we can supply a line occupying a minimum space.


    For high performance lines or large quantities of parcels, our team prepares an analysis, they will give you the best solution to have a quick and convenient packaging.


    The materials can be manufactured with different additives, according to the use that is wanted to give or for the type of product to pack, one of the most used properties is the antistatic, special for components or electronics in general.


    This equipment is very simple to use in a short time after you receive them, you can have the equipment fully assembled and in full operation, safe and effective with few problems due to overuse.