Easy-to-use and specific equipment for small spaces, programmable to have an exact packaging and better control of costs, possibility to add different programs in such a way that it is easy to prepare the equipment for its previous start-up.


    Special for the products to be packaged with different shapes and sizes, since the production of the packaging is on-site, it takes up little space and easy to transport for use in different lines or piking areas, clean and efficient.


    Considered one of the most effective packaging products on the market, the Instapack foam system surpasses many of the demanding testers of falls and bumps carried out in specialized laboratories, for this reason it is use is carried out for the packaging of products delivered over long distances.


    The supply is made in drums where the foam is in the liquid state, for this reason it is a product that considerably reduces the space needed to store the material in its neutral state.


    For its quality in liquid state, before the material foams, it is introduced into all existing spaces avoiding leaving spaces totally uncovered or without being in contact with the packaging, in this way its efficiency is high.


    Easy to install, it occupies a small space, its use is simple and comfortable it has a dosage computer incorporated and supply that gives us the exact doses of foam for better control in the costs, avoiding more unnecessary consumptionss.


    Using a base and a lid, while the product is hot, it is only molded, taking the shape of the product to be protected, when cooling the foam solidifies and becomes a perfect material to cushion the impacts of falls.


    The equipment supplies us the bags with the product in liquid state, the times of inflation and solidification are minimum being a fast packaging to be able to be used in packaging lines or shipping logistics.