Easy-to-use desk and standing equipment, with easy-to-use and clean with treated paper, prevents dust and breakage of different weights and densities, if the use is to block heavy pieces we can supply the double layer being the one of greater resistance of the range, the paper can be personalized or referenced with the article code it protects, it is supplied in lightweight coils that facilitate its mobility.

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    Because of its characteristic, it can be very useful in different sectors, among them and as the most important the logistic or piking, for its versatility we can include one or more equipment at each end of the line of manipulation.


    Flexible paper strips that provide sufficient volume for the blocking of the piece during the trip, the strips can be manually manipulated without risk or difficulty, clean and ecological system, fully recyclable paper.


    Easy to use system with high performance, ready to produce and supply at the end of the line to lock and fix the merchandise inside the box, special for spare parts of metal parts or resistant and heavy materials. This equipment is easy to transport and transfer.