In Cadepa we manufacture interiors for modules or metal containers, designed and manufactured under the concept and necessity of our client, taking into account the characteristics of the piece according to its shape and the quality regulations. The place and the way of the manipulation or work also has a major impact on the design of the inners, to avoid logistical costs, the designs are worked from the beginning with a self-folding system, there are a variety of materials to manufacture them Cadepa will always advise the most optimum.

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    Full interior adaptation of metal containers or modules, using materials of different textures or resistances, made of textile or welded thermo, these interiors are designed to obtain a maximum capacity of parts to be managed.


    Modules that are designed in the best ergonomic way, to facilitate the work for the operator or to improve the yields and times, in this way we obtain modules with very versatile interiors and that help us to be more productive.


    The modules designed in Cadepa, not only have the function of being at maximum of use for optimizing spaces, but are also made of totally resistant materials and mostly non-abrasive, which allow us to extend the life of the same considerably.


    The interiors can be designed and manufactured taking into account the possibility of being self-assembled and folded, with this solution we reduce spaces and volume during the journeys where the module travels empty, reducing logistics costs


    The polyvalence and the versatility of the textile production offers us the possibility to manufacture interiors adapted to the metal container, without taking into account the difficulty, the size and the morphology of the same, having extremely resistant locators and at the same time very useful for different part sizes.


    Online supply shelves, another of the concepts that we can manufacture are the shelves that help the operator locate the piece quickly and a wide visualization of it, being a practical, comfortable and very effective system.