One of the best properties of foams is their adaptation, being a flexible and shock absorbing material, flexibility is a feature that allows us to access the most difficult spaces of the piece to be packed, it  is very versatile because of its properties of non-rigid material by which offers us the possibility of making and giving an indefinite amount of shapes and thicknesses, to enhance the product to protect and also has very interesting aesthetic properties, being a good material to use as stanchions or product presentation cases.

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    Adaptation is total in the foam and offers us the possibility of adapting ourselves to any outer packaging regardless of its dimensions, creating safe and extraordinarily reliable interior protection.


    Compatibility, the foams are very suitable to combine with other products, which give better resistance and rigidity, faculty of which the foam lacks, for this reason it is very usual to design products where the foam adheres to a rigid and stable surface.


    100% blocking designs adapted to the piece to be protected, safe and very visual packaging system where the protection of the piece individually is total, the way of packaging is by pieces or block, we always choose and design the best way to avoid volume in its transport and storage.


    Locator zippers for the fast placement and extraction of the piece, quick system for use in assembly lines where the productivity of the assembly is urgent, for its rapid extraction the operator has its use for the work in line easy.


    Dimensions and sizes, there is the possibility of supplying sheets of foam, without any manipulation or transformation, for its variety of textures and lamination, it is also suitable for its manufacture with anti-static properties, antioxidants, FR and others as required.


    Casings and interiors with a variety of shapes and possibilities, which make an excellent presentation of the product while we have protection against impacts and vibrations during the journeys.


    Side protection, monden system provides us with scope for its shape and versatility, fully manageable and flexible, this wavy foam has very high shock absorbing properties, being one of the most used products for inners box.


    Profiles manufactured with a wide range of shapes and colors, adapted to your needs, supplied in boxes with easy stacking and in line supply, different thicknesses and densities, can be cut or pre-cut to facilitate their application.