Designing primarily requires functional, aesthetic, and symbolic considerations. In the CADEPA process, it requires numerous phases such as: observation, research, analysis, testing, adjustments, modeling (physical or virtual through two- or three-dimensional computer design programs), and adaptations prior to final packaging production.

Ultimately, CADEPA will design a precise and optimal packaging, which will fully adapt to your needs both with physical protection of the piece and investment, this design prior to its production in series will be presented with a fully finished prototype so that test and checks can be made for subsequent manufacturing.


The prototype is crucial to be able to check if once a package is designed and passed to reality it is effective or not, the prototype will also tell us if the materials chosen are optimal and if the response of them when used repeatedly, they behave in the expected manner.  In CADEPA we have tools and equipment prepared to manufacture small series (Pre series) and prototypes which are practically 100% identical to the series.