Engineering and Consulting

The CADEPA human and professional team is at your disposal to advise you on any issue related to the processes and improving the effectiveness of your packaging, once you have studied your need, we will provide you with different solutions where you can evaluate the most appropriate or the best suited to your internal processes, based on five concepts.

Engineering, optimization, reuse, productivity, effectiveness and cost.

Our engineering and consulting teams are at your disposal to advise you throughout the design and manufacturing process. We develop, design and study the packaging from the part to be protected.

Optimization is one of the basic concepts, in which we base ourselves to improve the other four, to avoid excesses of packaging that inflates the cost and in many cases are not effective, less is more.

Reuse is one of the packaging systems with more future and at the same time more ecological, trying to reuse also brings us considerable improvements in costs, sometimes a great investment is the most economical.

Seeing and studying the use of packaging is important, as well as seeing if the packaging used is the ideal and compatible with the line of handling and packaging, it is very common to see inappropriate packaging which slows down the work.

In order to find the most effective packaging, our team will inform you about the different products and materials, at CADEPA we always try to be as informed and updated as possible of the new products and designs as well as the latest news.

The cost is the result given by our technical team, after working the previous four.