GreenCar by Cadepa

Packaging 3 R’s

Since our beginning, Cadepa has had in mind in all of packaging designs the rule of the three R, also known as the three R’s of ecology;

This rule was boost by non-governmental organization Greenpeace. This proposal about consume habits refers to strategies for residues management.

It pretends to develop habits of responsible cosmism. The objective of this strategy is to be more sustainable with environment, and clearly prioritize reduction in the volume of residues.

In April of 2005 it took place a minister assembly in which they discuss, with United States, Germany, France and other 20 countries, the way they can implement international actions related with 3 R’s.

Cadepa, since it’s beginning in packaging design and manufacture, has in mind, long before this international rule, that three references in packaging making.


What is GreenCar in Cadepa?:

Cadepa has implement this philosophy in design and manufacture of our packaging since 1992. Our technical department design and elaborate packaging having in mind the ecology 3 R’s.

GreenCar is the commercial line that boost Cadepa to accomplish this 3 R’s rule in packaging design and manufacture. From the moment we receive a packaging request, problem or necessity we collect all possible data and information to reduce their packaging, we advise about reuse and counsel about recycle.


Objective: Reduce materials and optimize packaging

Custom design packaging is just not optimum for the piece protection, also is optimum for materials use. Reducing material quantity is key to contribute with environment, using only the necessary materials contributes to the costs of packaging and consumptions of manufactured materials
Freight capacity is the main axis to reduce materials.

Unify a packaging for several products series or increase the capacity of the units inside the packaging is key to reduce.


Objective: Packaging reuse

Our reusable packaging purpose is to extend the useful life as long as possible. Our clients sees the benefits in costs and, mainly, saving in the usage of materials, contributing and protecting the environment.


Objective: Material recycling

All of our materials can go directly to the recycle container, so they enter in the recycle chain to give life again to the material of our packaging. Foams and polypropylene recycle and enter again in the circle of use.