Packaging Engineering and consulting

Packaging Engineering

Cadepa will and objective has always been, since its foray in the market in 1992, specialized in integral solutions and design of industrial packaging systems. In Cadepa we are experts in packaging engineering, we design custom packaging and manufacture it. Our experience, for more than 25 years, has made us specialist in solutions for logistics means and packaging.

Our human and technic team will advise about any matter related with the process and improvement of packaging efficiency. We make our own packaging design as well as manufacture. Our engineering and consulting team work for you. Furthermore, we put at your disposal more than 6.000m² destined to packaging manufacturing and transforming.

Our mission

From the necessity of a specific packaging of a client, Cadepa makes a technical advice visit. After that visit, our engineering department sets a working plan to study and design the packaging to fulfil our client necessity.

After we have studied our client necessities, we submit different solutions so they can evaluate them and decide which one is more adequate o adapt better to they internal processes. Finally, we present our client the final design and packaging prototype.

Our philosophy

Our teams of packaging engineering consulting are at your disposal to advise you during all of the design and manufacture process. We study, design and develop our packaging starting with the piece to protect.

Optimization is one of the basic concepts in which we base to improve the other four (reuse, productivity, efficiency, cost). To avoid the excess of packaging that oversized cost and a lot of cases is not effective, less is more.

Reuse is one of the packaging systems with more future and also more ecologic. As we try to reuse also brings considerable improvement in costs, sometimes a large investment is the most economical.

It is important to watch and study packaging use, as well as to know if the packaging used is the most suitable and compatible with the manipulation line and package. It is common to see how inadequate packaging slow the workflow. Productivity is also in the packaging.

To find the most efficient packaging our team will inform you about the different products and materials. In Cadepa we always try to be up to date and inform to the maximum in new materials, products and designs, as well as the latest news.

Cost is the result that our technic team will provide once the previous five (engineering and consulting, optimization, reuse, productivity and efficiency) have been worked on.